BPW axles as standard on all Krampe tippers

Nearly all tippers from Krampe Fahrzeugbau GmbH feature factory-installed BPW axles as standard specification now – an upgrade that also strengthens the excellent and long-standing cooperation between Krampe and the family-run company BPW (Bergische Achsen KG) which is based in Wiehl near Cologne.

Customers appreciate the high quality of these axles which are installed in millions of machines and also the excellent aftersales experience. The benefits are two-fold: no significant warranty claims have been reported for these axles, and suitable parts are widely available, including for non-authorised BPW partners.

The Krampe move to standard-fit BPW axles offers further benefits:

Safety: All trailers with BPW axles have automatic slack adjusters. These eliminate cumbersome and manual re-adjusting and ensure the brake pads are always in optimum position for safe and accurate braking.

Cleanliness: The engineers at Krampe developed a unique solution that positions the braking cylinders of the BPW AgroTurn steered axle on top of the axle beam where the brake cylinders are protected from damage and contamination. This unique design is a Krampe exclusive.

Flexibility: Krampe now offers a kit that retrofits a forced steering system to a caster steer axle. The package is available for all models from Big Body 700 onwards and can be retrofitted by dealers or retail customers themselves. All that needs to be done is to connect different oil lines to the axle. At the same time, our proprietary brake cylinder holder allows the use of combined brake cylinders (hydraulic and pneumatic).

EU type-approved: The BPW axles on Krampe tippers have received EU type-approval and passed all brake tests successfully.

The closer collaboration between Krampe and BPW also entails new business with Ermax, a daughter of BPW, which is now supplying Krampe with lighting systems. The rear lights, which have a new design and are particularly impact proof, have already passed the EU type-approval procedures.

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