Krampe remaining highly visible

New light and sight package for Krampe's agricultural trailers

Krampe tippers have been setting standards when it comes to safety and user-friendliness time and again.

As one of the first manufacturers of agricultural vehicles, Krampe has been supplying trailers with EU type approval since the start of the year. Alongside a smooth authorisation throughout Europe, this approval also brings about important safety-relevant technical improvements to the vehicle, including in terms of lighting:

Rear position lights now come as standard with white light emission to the front and red light emission to the rear. During the darker times of year, drivers can clearly see where their vehicle ends, and road users behind them can more easily see they are following a wide vehicle. Yellow side marker lights and white front marker lights provide additional safety thanks to increased visibility.

All lighting is supplied in robust, high quality with long-life LED technology. The highly visible and generously-dimensioned rear lights with modern running light indicators also have a highly impact-resistant lens.

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