Krampe Fahrzeugbau is renowned for its sturdy tipper trailers and innovative concepts.

Legislation mandates rear underride guards on commercial vehicles and trailers, while EU directives define the specific distance between the profile, ground and vehicle rear.

To consistently meet the required measurements for various wheel sizes and axle configurations, Krampe developed a modular underride guard system in 2021. Its key advantage is the interchangeable support legs. The mounting blocks come in varying heights and projections, offering flexible adaptation to the vehicle.

In practice, conventional underride guard can be obstructive. In vegetable farming, for instance, where goods are often unloaded using conveyor belts or into bunkers, a large overhang is needed at the rear of the vehicle to extend into the receiving area. Similarly, approaching heaps with a standard underride guard can be problematic.

Krampe has introduced a hydraulic swiveling underride guard that almost completely retracts upwards, a unique feature. Additionally, since the new underride guard incorporates rear lights, they also pivot upwards, moving out of the danger zone.

This technical solution allows the driver to swivel the underride guard from the cabin, eliminating the need to disembark and reducing driver fatigue, ultimately enhancing safety.

With various designs – fixed, foldable, and hydraulically swiveling – Krampe offers a suitable solution for each customer's requirement, all compliant with current European regulations. Unlike competitors, Krampe manufactures the underride guard in-house. Rigorous practical stress tests were conducted on the company's testing stand, alongside technical inspection organization (GTÜ) collaboration, for approval.

In late 2021, Krampe received utility model protection for the new modular underrun protection. This feature is now employed in almost all vehicles as part of EU type approval.

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