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New Krampe halls –
new space and 25% more production output

We are building a new production hall (approx. 3,600 m²) in which our welding robot and modern single workstations will move in. Furthermore, a second hall with three service assembly stations and an area for brake tests is being built..

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June 2023

Installation of the Welding Robot

Welding robot moves: Our state-of-the-art welding robot has found a new location. It will now work in the new production hall. After a successful installation, the equipment will undergo fine-tuning and further optimization of all processes.

With an environment specially tailored to its needs, the robot will support colleagues and enhance the efficiency of our production.

April 2023

Family day

Peter was well thought of us and gave our visitors a marvellous day. However, many visitors were atracted under the roof because the new halls also had an "open day". Young and old took the opportunity to survey the construction progress.

In the last few weeks, numerous workplaces in the body production have already been occupied. Many thanks to all employees, families and friends for their visit, so we could celebrate a successful inauguration of halls 43+66 on Sunday, 23.04.2023.

10 tons crane
on the hook

February 2023

Precision work under the hall ceiling

In the meantime, DEMAG crane bridges were installed. The bright yellow bridge girders have a span of impressive 30 m. These were first unloaded in the hall and positioned under an opening in the hall roof.
By means of a truck-mounted crane, the girders were then lifted and turned centimetre by centimetre to their final position. A challenging task, as the crane operator could only work via radio instructions and could not see into the hall.



January 2023

Let there be light

Modern LED lighting was mounted and now provides good and, especially, efficient hall illumination. Moreover, daylight also enters into in the building via the large ridge strap.


October 2022

A home for the welding robot

Where sparks are already flying today, it will continue to heat up in the future. Preparations for the welding robot's parking space are in full swing.


August 2022

The pillars stand

It goes up. The first pillars have been erected. Now the dimensions of the construction site are becoming visible

May 2022

Preparations on the construction site

Before the new can see the light of the day, the old must give way. The old flooring was broken up and is now being taken away for recycling.


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