Supports the team in body construction

New welding robot

To Kramer Gardening and Landscaping in Waltrop

Handover of six body tippers

3 in 1

New Sörling swivel-mounted swinging tailgate for Krampe earthmoving tippers

For more stability and new chute attachment on Krampe tippers

Optimised tailgate

Gebrauchsmusterschutz bestätigt

Modular Krampe underride guard is awarded utility model

The Krampe move to standard-fit BPW axles offers a lot of benefits

BPW axles as standard on all Krampe tippers

Europe-wide homologation and highest safety standards

EU type-approval for Krampe trailers


And action! On our youtube channel we have many product and instruction videos ready for you. We have over time built a great archive!

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